DIBNC Services

At DIBNC, we understand that your company’s needs are incredibly diverse. We provide you with the ultimate in individually tailored services to help you meet and surpass each and every one of your business goals.

Our services include:

Business Matchmaking Services

Strategic collaboration can be the key to moving your business to the next level of success. We facilitate the development of mutually beneficial relationships by connecting you with other businesses whose needs and services are in line with your own.


Market Research

Knowing and understanding the ins and outs of your industry is crucial towards the success of your business. We will provide you with the utmost in market research: micro-data, macro-data and in-depth analysis on an international scale. We will uncover the big picture. And make sense of the details, too.


Set-up Business

Setting up your business in a new country can be a daunting task. Without proper guidance, foreign regulations, bureaucratic red tape and cultural differences can make the process even more grueling. We have extensive experience in setting up businesses in countries throughout CEEurope and MENA. Let us cut through the red tape for you.


Events Management

We can take your next event to a new level. DIBNC organizes a wide range of marketing and corporate events – from creative to logistics to technical aspects - to help you achieve your business objectives.


Business Communications

Making sure that every message your business sends out is on-brand and crafted precisely to the right audience is key to success. DIBNC offers a wide range of business communications services, from PR to Government Affairs and Advocacy to help you make sure that every communication reaches its target audience with maximum efficiency.