Republic of Buryatia
Buryatia Republic map.png
Emblem: Buryatia Republic emblem Flag: Buryatia Republic flag
Province Capital: Ulan-Ude
Area: 351,300
Number of citizens: 972,021
Main Cities: Ulan-Ude, Arshan, Gusinoozyorsk, Kyakhta, Orlik
Federal districts: Siberian
About Buryatia :  
The Republic of Buryatia is located in the South-Central region of Siberia along the eastern shore of Lake Baikal. Buryatia boarders (international) on Mongolia in the south, (internal) on the Republic of Tuva in the south-west, on the Chita Oblast in the east, and on the Irkutsk Oblast in the north-west.

It's capital is Ulan-Ude, the administrative, economic and cultural centre of the Republic. The distance from Ulan-Ude to Moscow by railroad is 5519 km and to the Pacific ocean is 3500 km.

There are 23 municipal formation, 6 towns, 29 urban villages and 615 settlements on the territory of Buryatia.
The native people of the republic are Buryats, Evenks and Soyots. The national structure of Buryatia according to the Census of 1989 was the following : Russians- 70%, Buryats- 24%, Ukrainians- 2,2%, other nationalities- 3,8 %.

The climate of Buryatia is sharp- continental with cold winter and hot summers. Winters are cold with dry frosts and little snow. Springs are windy with late frosts and almost without rainfalls. Summers are short with hot days and cool nights, with heavy rains in July and August . Autumn comes slowly without sudden changes of weather, sometimes autumns are long and warm. The average summer temperature is 18C above zero, in winter it is 22C below zero and annual average temperature is 1,6C below zero. Annual rainfalls and snowfalls achieve 244 mm.

The major part (about 60% of coastline) of Baikal Lake, the deepest freshwater lake in the world is in the territory of Buryatia. The length of Baikal is 636 km., and the width is from 25 to 80 km. The total length of Baikal coastline is 2100 km., and the area of its aquatorium is 31,5 thousand sq.m. The maximum depth is 1637 m., the average one is 730 m. Baikal is a natural reservoir of the fifth part of the world fresh water supply of the highest quality. There are 2500 different species of animals and fish, 250 of which are endemic.
Attributes :  
  • A point of attraction for tourism: travelers from all over the world come to admire the great Baikal Lake – here they can enjoy landscape diversity, fresh air, clear water, abundance of wildlife, and relish the legendary Siberian hospitality. Buryatia is now developing a tourist-recreational special economic zone “Baikal Haven” aimed at creating world-class tourist facilities on our land; this project requires considerable investments and provides special incentives to investors.
  • A region with rich mineral, raw, energy and timber resources: Buryatia ranks 15 in mineral supplies among the 85 regions of Russia. Over 7000 mineral deposits have been explored on its territory, including 376 gold deposits, 9 - fluorite, 2 - molybdenum, 5 - polymetal, 7 - tungsten, 3 - beryllium, 4 - chrysotile. There are also proven deposits of tin, nickel, copper, apatite, phosphorite, graphite, zeolite, uranium, jade. Coal resources are estimated at 2631.7 mln. tones. Timber make another important resource of Buryatia, as they cover a vast area of 29223.2 thousand hectares (112831 sq. miles) or 83. 2% of the republic’s territory.
  • Border territory with an advantageous geographic position: Buryatia borders on Mongolia and is situated close to one of world’s biggest consumer markets – China (about 1000 km from the capital of the republic, Ulan-Ude to the Chinese city of Manzhouli). All the main traffic arteries leading from Europe to the East cross the territory of Buryatia, as well as two major railroads - Trans-Siberian and Baikal-Amur (BAM).
  • Highly qualified labor: there are 4 local universities and 11 branches of central higher educational institutions giving Bachelor and Master courses, and 24 vocational education colleges training qualified “blue collar” labor.
  • Significant research and development potential: 17 institutions carry out research in various fields of science and technology: Geology, Nature Management, Physics, Medicine, Agriculture and others.
Economic Potential :  
The republic of Buryatia has a high resource potential. Natural resources of Buryatia are unique both on reserves and on their variety. Quantitative and qualitative indicators of many deposits allow to carry out their industrial extraction. On the territory of the republic more than 500 deposits of minerals have been found. Among them auric deposits, fluor spar, molybdenum, polymetals, tungsten and others. Cheremshanskoye deposit of quartz sandstones of more than 40 million tons of reserves, and also 7 deposits granulated quartz were explored. The investment potential of Buryatia is wide enough and perspective both for long-term, and for short-term investment projects.

Today capital investments in the following fields are possible:
- Timber: manufacture of home and office furniture, manufacture of building materials, cellulose, cardboard, paper.
- Exploitation of mineral deposits, hand-made and jeweler stones.
- Electric power industry, manufacture of the electro technical goods, motors, engines, helicopters, planes, agricultural machines, assembly of automobiles, television and video equipments, automobile radio, faxes.
- Tourism
- Manufacture of clothes, including fur (sable, mink and other furs), knitted products, bags, footwear, perfume, cosmetics.
- Hotels, resorts, camping, souvenir shops, fast food restaurants, casino, business centers.
- Agricultural production and factories on manufacture of food stuffs, factories on manufacture of plastic container and bottled Baikal water.
- Shopping centers, supermarkets.

In the republic the biggest lake in the world with world reserves of fresh water, unique flora and fauna - lake Baikal which is recognized as a part of the world heritage is located. It represents interest in the field of the organization of the international tourism (ecotourism, organization of business tours). According to expert estimations the
Republic of Buryatia is included into the twenty of the regions having the highest resource potential, and in the five of the best regions having a favorable legislative background for foreign investments. Buryatia has a high rating in Russia on mental potential in gradation of investment appeal of regions of the Russian Federation.

Why to invest :  
  • Investor-friendly legislation: the republic ranks 8 among the 85 regions of Russia in the rating of minimal investment legislative risk. Legislation of Buryatia provides indemnification of investments and support to investment projects that fall within the “priority spheres” of the republic’s economic strategy.
  • Special incentives for investors: the Republic of Buryatia provides tax incentives to legal entities implementing investment projects in industry, construction, transport, communication and agriculture, to businesses with foreign investments, and to residents of the tourist-recreational special economic zone.
  • A rapidly developing consumer market: growth rates of the population’s real income have remained higher in Buryatia than the average Russian level for the past few years.
  • A region of socio-political and economic stability: in the recent 5 years Buryatia has been demonstrating a dynamic development of major economic activities. The republic is placed in the group of regions with “moderate” investment risks in the investment attractiveness rating for Russia.
  • A consumer market with low entrance barriers and favorable conditions for business start-up: though investment capacity of the region is huge, the volume of real investments is by far quite low, which creates favorable competitive conditions to investors. Business start-up expenses are relatively low: for instance, the average cost of launching a small enterprise is 1000-1500 $ (including a one-month office rent).
Where to invest :  
Buryatia Special Economic Zone
Technology Park
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